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Orthotics & Biomechanics

Biomechanics is the science of movement of a moving person including how the muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments work together to produce movement . We are born a unique set of inherited alignnment and then walk up to 1 ½ to 3 times around the world. Sometimes along the way, we may have injuries or accidents that add to our need for a little assistance to improve functional alignment or control pain . Maybe we would just like to add some extra comfort in a long day at work or improve or improve our efficiency of running.

Orthotics are a prescribed medical device that you wear inside your shoe to correct or support biomechanical foot and ankle issues for example with how you walk , stand or run. They can also help with foot pain caused by injuries, wounds, arthritis.

During a comprehensive assessment the Podiatrist together with the patient will assess the goals and outcomes desired. The patients lifestyle, shoes, sporting activities, injuries, cost are all taken into account to design a custom made device that comfortable and effective.


Foot Health Check Ups

Foot checks are a very important art of building a solid team around a person who has Diabetes with the aim of education, assessment

early detection of high risk factors and treatment. The checkups may be once a year or every 10 weeks through a referral from your GP.

The patients alignment, function, blood flow, nerve health, footwear and education are all some of the areas that are assessed.

1 in 4 people with diabetes will develop a life threatening foot ulcer according to the latest research. Education and a team approach are paramount.

Diabetes and feet health
Rich River Podiatry Dr Comfort copy


Fitter & Supplier of Dr Comfort extra width / depth footwear.

Proper foot wear can help prevent more serious complications for those at risk. If you or a family member have difficulties obtaining footwear with extra depth or width www.drcomfort.com.au is a must to be consider. The footwear has been designed with exceptional quality, lightweight materials and a choice of innersoles to adjust the depth. There are no seams on the inside of shoe thus preventing pressure areas which is extremely important for those with poor blood flow or a lack of sensation in their feet.

Wound Care

Charcots Foot

At Rich River Podiatry there is an understanding of the requirements for regular support for those with a foot ulcer; including frequent dressing changes, appropriate off loading and debridement of wounds .

An established team approach includes referral to GPs , District Nursing, Specialist, other Allied health professionals and High Risk Foot Clinics to get you back on your feet as soon as possible
wound management

Vascular & Neurological Assessment

The need for a blood flow ( Vascular ) assessment may arise if a person has been a smoker, have Diabetes, uncontrolled high blood pressure or cholesterol. Poorer blood flow can effect the oxygen to your muscles and tissues, how you heal up from an injury or explain why your legs might be cramping walking or in bed at night.

Blood flow assessments are conducted with a Doppler Ultrasound to give an indication what might be presenting with a patients symptoms.

Neurological ( Nerve )

Nerve assessments are an important indicator of nerve health. There are certain medical conditions that affect nerve endings to different degrees however it is advisable to have changes assessed as it may be an indicator of other health factors .
Foot xray

Injury Management

Whether you have an injury at work ( and are under work cover) at home or going for a run, the day must go on, but modified to get you back on track as fast as possible. At Rich River Podiatry care is taken to provide a comprehensively service for all musculoskeletal injuries of the foot and lower limb.

Once a diagnosis is made the treatment plan is designed around a hands on patient centered approach. The Goal is to quickly eliminate pain and dysfunction but equip you with the education, and advice on strategies to ensure the problem does not come back.

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